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Tunable, High Modulus Hydrogels Driven by Ionic Coacervation

Hunt, J.N.; Feldman, K.E.; Lynd, N.A.; Deek, J.; Campos, L.M.; Spruell, J.M.; Hernandez, B.M.; Kramer, E.J.; Hawker, C.J.

Adv. Mater., 2011, 23, 2327-2331

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Abstract: A modular strategy for hydrogel formation based on the self‐organization of well‐defined ABA triblock copolyelectrolytes through ionic interactions in water is reported. The nature of the ionic domains, which constitute the physical crosslinks, provides for robust, yet highly tunable materials. These materials represent a diverse platform for hydrogel formation with enhanced mechanical properties and ease of synthesis while retaining a dynamic responsive nature.