A Versatile and Scalable Strategy to Discrete Oligomers

Lawrence, J., Lee, S. H., Abdilla, A., Nothling, M. D., Ren, J. M., Knight, A. S., Fleischmann, C., Li, Y., Abrams, A. S., Schmidt, B. V. K. J., Hawker, M. C., Connal, L. A., McGrath, A. J., Clark, P. G., Gutekunst, W. R., Hawker, C. J.
J. Am. Chem. Soc.,
138 (19), pp 6306–6310

A versatile strategy is reported for the multigram synthesis of discrete oligomers from commercially available monomer families, e.g., acrylates, styrenics, and siloxanes. Central to this strategy is the identification of reproducible procedures for the separation of oligomer mixtures using automated flash chromatography systems with the effectiveness of this approach demonstrated through the multigram preparation of discrete oligomer libraries (Đ = 1.0). Synthetic availability, coupled with accurate structural control, allows these functional building blocks to be harnessed for both fundamental studies as well as targeted technological applications.