A Versatile and Efficient Strategy to Discrete Conjugated Oligomers

Lawrence, J., Goto, E., Ren, J. M., McDearmon, B., Kim, D. S., Ochiai, Y., Clark, P. G., Laitar, D. S., Higashihara, T., Hawker, C. J.
J. Am. Chem. Soc.
139 (39), pp 13735–13739

An efficient and scalable strategy to prepare libraries of discrete conjugated oligomers (Đ = 1.0) using the combination of controlled polymerization and automated flash chromatography is reported. From this 2-step process, a series of discrete conjugated materials from dimers to tetradecamers could be isolated in high yield with excellent structural control. Facile and scalable access to monodisperse libraries of different conjugated oligomers opens pathways to designer mixtures with precise composition and monomer sequence, allowing exquisite control over their physical, optical and electronic properties.