Tunable, High Modulus Hydrogels Driven by Ionic Coacervation

Hunt, J.N.; Feldman, K.E.; Lynd, N.A.; Deek, J.; Campos, L.M.; Spruell, J.M.; Hernandez, B.M.; Kramer, E.J.; Hawker, C.J.
Adv. Mater.,
23, 2327-2331.

Craig Hawker, Ed Kramer, and co-workers report on p. 2327 on a modular strategy for hydrogel formation based on the self-organization of welldefined ABA triblock co-polyelectrolytes through ionic interactions in water. The nature of the ionic domains, which constitute the physical crosslinks, provides for robust, yet highly tunable materials. These materials represent a diverse platform for hydrogel formation with enhanced mechanical properties and ease of synthesis while retaining a dynamic responsive nature.