Strategies for Optimized Radiolabeling of Nanoparticles for in vivo PET Imaging.

graphical abstract
Sun, Guorong; Xu, Jinqi; Hagooly, Aviv; Rossin, Raffaella; Li, Zicheng; Moore, Dennis A.; Hawker, Craig J., Welch, Michael J.; Wooley, Karen L.;
Adv. Mater.,
19, 3157-3161.

A new strategy to construct shell crosslinked nanoparticles has been developed, containing large numbers of effective DOTAlysines per particle (> 400) for 64Cu radiolabeling. These 64Cu-complexed nanoparticles show impressive specific activities (ca. 400 Ci g–1), which suggests that they will serve as highly sensitive in vivo PET tracers at low administering doses.