New Methodologies in the Construction of Dendritic Materials.

graphical abstract
Carlmark, A.; Hawker, C.J.; Hult, A.; Malkoch, M.;
Chem. Soc. Rev.,
38, 352-362.

Dendritic polymers are highly branched polymer structures, with complex, secondary architectures
and well-defined spatial location of functional groups. Due to their unique physical and chemical
features, applications in areas such as targeted drug-delivery, macromolecular carriers, catalysis,
sensors, light harvesting, surface engineering and biomimetic materials have been proposed.
However, only a few dendritic materials have been exploited commercially due to time consuming
syntheses and the generation of significant waste/presence of unreacted starting materials. This
tutorial review describes traditional synthesis of dendritic materials as well as recent advances in
synthetic strategies, for example the use of Click chemistry, as a tool to efficiently obtain complex,
functional dendritic structures.