Light extraction from GaN-based light emitting diode structures with a noninvasive two-dimensional photonic crystal.

graphical abstract
Truong, T.A.; Campos, L.M.; Matioli, E.; Meinel, I.; Hawker, C.J.; Weisbuch, C.; Petroff, P.M.;
Appl. Phys. Letts.,
94, Article Number: 023101.

A noninvasive fabrication process involving soft nanoimprint lithography is used to pattern a photonic crystal (PhC) in titania film for enhanced light extraction from a GaN light emitting diode (LED). This technique avoids damaging the LED structure by the etching process, while photoluminescence measurements show extracted modes emitted from the quantum wells which agree well with modeling. A light extraction improvement of 1.8 times is measured using this noninvasive PhC.