Ice-Templating of Core/Shell Microgel Fibers through Bricks-and-Mortar Assembly.

graphical abstract
Shi, Q.; An, Z.; Tsung, C.K.; Liang, H.; Zheng, N.; Hawker, C.J.; Stucky, G.D.;
Adv. Mater.,
19, 4539-4543.

A ‘bricks-and-mortar’ assembly approach can be used to create well- defined fibers on the microscale with alternating organic-inorganic arrangement through a simple ice-templating strategy. The fibers are constructed from closely packed monodisperse inorganic nanoparticles@PNIPAm core/shell microgels. A series of functional ‘bricks’, such as core/shell and hollow nanoparticles are prepared.