High-temperature resistant, ordered gold nanoparticle arrays.

Zschech, D.; Kim, D. H.; Milenin, A. P.; Hopfe, S.; Scholz, R.; Goring, P.; Hillebrand, R.; Senz, S.; Hawker, C. J.; Russell, T. P.; Steinhart, M. and Gosele, U.;
17, 2122-2126.

Ordered gold nanoparticle arrays with high lateral density of 6.87 × 1010 nanoparticles cm−2, which are stable up to temperatures of 600 °C, were fabricated. To this end, nanoparticles formed by thermal vacuum evaporation of Au were immobilized within the pores of nanoporous silicon wafers prepared by block copolymer lithography coupled with dry plasma etching. Even after high-temperature treatment the degree of order imposed by the block copolymer template was retained. Optionally, a nanoporous silicon nitride mask can cover the nanoporous silicon.