A Generalized Approach to the Modification of Solid Surfaces.

Ryu, D. Y.; Shin, K.; Drockenmuller, E.; Hawker, C. J. and Russell, T. P.;
308, 236-239.

Interfacial interactions underpin phenomena ranging from adhesion to surface wetting. Here, we describe a simple, rapid, and robust approach to modifying solid surfaces, based on an ultrathin cross-linkable film of a random copolymer, which does not rely on specific surface chemistries. Specifically, thin films of benzocyclobutene-functionalized random copolymers of styrene and methyl methacrylate were spin coated or transferred, then thermally cross-linked on a wide variety of metal, metal oxide, semiconductor, and polymeric surfaces, producing a coating with a controlled thickness and well-defined surface energy. The process described can be easily implemented and adapted to other systems.