Facile Routes to Patterned Surface Neutralization Layers for Block Copolymer Lithography.

graphical abstract
Bang, J.; Bae, J.; Lwenhielm, P.; Spiessberger, C.; Given-Beck, S.A.; Russell, T.P.; Hawker, C.J.;
Adv. Mater.,
19, 4552-4557.

A new crosslinking system based on azide-functionalized random copolymers has been defined for the preparation of substrates with controllable surface interactions. The azido group is used for both thermal- and photo-crosslinking, which is found to be very efficient. Furthermore, the use of UV irradiation for crosslinking enables the preparation of patterned surfaces by conventional photolithographic techniques, combining the “bottom-up” self-assembly of block copolymer strategies with traditional “top-down” photolithographic methods.