Fabrication of Unique Chemical Patterns and Concentration Gradients with Visible Light

Fors, B. P., Poelma, J. P., Menyo, M. S., Robb, M. J., Spokoyny, D. M., Kramer, J. W., Waite, J. H., Hawker, C. J.
J. Am. Chem. Soc.
135 (38), pp 14106–14109

A modular and general method based on a photomediated ATRA reaction for the spatially controlled functionalization of surfaces with visible light is reported. The ability to control reactivity with light intensity combined with the orthogonality of ATRA chemistry allows well-defined chemically differentiated monolayers and complex nonlinear chemical concentration gradients to be easily prepared. Use of light to mediate these reactions permits spatial regulation and the generation of unique, multifunctional chemical gradients.