End Group Modification of Poly(acrylates) Obtained via ATRP: A User Guide

Anastasaki, A., Willenbacher, J., Fleischmann, C., Gutekunst, W., Hawker, C. J.
Polym. Chem.,
8, pp 689–697

The versatile and high yielding functionalization of polymer end groups is a critical tool for controlling material properties and/or for successful post polymerization reactions. In this report, bromine-terminated poly(methyl acrylate) derivatives are used as a model system for identifying conditions leading to quantitative transformation of the end group. A wide range of small molecules and associated reactions for the introduction of specific acidic, basic, hydrophilic or hydrophobic functionality are described. Analysis by SEC, 1H NMR and MALDI-ToF-MS provides evidence for full conversion of the end group. The user-friendly nature of these procedures serve as a powerful strategy for the synthesis of end functionalized polymers.