Design of crosslinked hybrid multilayer thin films from azido-functionalized polystyrenes and platinum nanoparticles.

figure 2
Al Akhrass, S.; Gal, F.; Damiron, D.; Alcouffe, P.; Hawker, C.J.; Cousin, F.; Carrot, G.; Drockenmuller, E.;
Soft Matter,
5, 586-592.

Crosslinked organic and hybrid multilayer thin films based on polystyrene-grafted platinum nanoparticles and azidomethyl-functionalized polystyrenes are built-up by sequential spin-coating and UV crosslinking processes. This approach allows to easily tune thickness, composition and periodicity of each layer, as highlighted by TEM and neutron reflectivity experiments. Room temperature UV crosslinking of hybrid layers allows to stabilize the layer prior to nanoparticles segregation.