De Novo Design of Bioactive Protein-Resembling Nanospheres via Dendrimer-Templated Peptide Amphiphile Assembly

Lin, Brian F.; Marullo, Rachel S.; Robb, Maxwell J.; Krogstad, Daniel V.; Antoni, Per; Hawker, Craig J.; Campos, Luis M.; Tirrell, Matthew V.
11, 3946-3950.

Self-assembling peptide amphiphiles (PAs) have been extensively used in the development of novel biomaterials. Because of their propensity to form cylindrical micelles, their use is limited in applications where small spherical micelles are desired. Here we present a platform method for controlling the self-assembly of biofunctional PAs into spherical 50 nm particles using dendrimers as shape-directing scaffolds. This templating approach results in biocompatible, stable protein-like assemblies displaying peptides with native secondary structure and biofunctionality.