Click Assisted One-Pot Multi-Step Reactions in Polymer Science: Accelerated Synthetic Protocols.

graphical abstract
Lundberg, P.; Hawker, C.J.; Hult, A.; Malkoch, M.;
Macromolecular Rapid Communications,
29, 998-1015.

Presently, the majority of reports deal with combining chemical reactions, in a stepwise fashion, to obtain well-defined polymers. In the future, chemists need to address new challenges such as increase in the range of available efficient reactions, developing libraries of compatible one-pot reactions, and the application of obtained materials in key industries. Indeed, the rising importance of the click concept has now devised robust synthetic approaches in various fields of research. The unique selectivity of the click reaction is today a new found toolbox for scientists to investigate one-pot multi-step systems. Several accelerated protocols have elegantly been reported to obtain a library of advanced polymers.