Tobias Ingverud

Visiting Student

Tobias’ interest in chemistry started in ninth grade, because of that “chemistry is everywhere and to understand it, is truly complex”.

Tobias began his journey to the material world through his interest in polymers, starting with a small course and a project at his high school in collaboration with Beckers Coatings AB. But he did not yet understand that he would be a chemist so he worked for a year SAS Ground Service, Arlanda Airport, after his high school graduation and travelled to places like Cuba, Mexico, Bali, Australia, New Zealand and France. When he finally started studying again it was at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, doing a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering (Thesis: New Surface Initiated ATRP Initiators for Cellulose Modification, in Swedish). It was through his bachelor thesis he met Prof. Eva Malmström and ended up doing some research for one of her Ph. D Students during the summers. Tobias has almost finished his Master in Molecular Science and Engineering at KTH, and is here at MRL working for Prof. Craig Hawker and doing research for his Master Thesis under the supervision of Dr. Will Gutekunst, and Dr. Eric Pressly.

Tobias is living by the phrase “Like A Swede!” and love to ski, surf, run and sail, and sometimes simply take it chill alone or with some friends at home or at some other fun or amazing place!


In collaboration with Coopervision, Tobi is working on modifying contact lenses by an anti-fouling polymer insertion.