Susan Beck

Graduate Student
Susan Beck

Susan A. Beck was born Aug 15, 1984 in Warren, OH.  She attended Kent State University in Kent, OH.  During her undergraduate career, she worked a research project with Dr. Robert Twieg synthesizing novel liquid crystalline materials and participated in REU programs at West Virginia University, Case Western Reserve University, and IBM Almaden.  She graduated with her BS in Chemistry in 2004.


Susans current research focuses on polymer synthesis for photolithography applications.  With current photolithography, it is difficult and expensive to obtain sub-100 nm features.  The aim of her project is to overcome this problem by taking advantage of the rich phase morphology of triblock copolymers, such as PEO-b-PMMA-b-PS.  We can control the ordering of this system to get features from 5-20 nm.  Additionally, we are able to selectively remove the PMMA by UV degradation, leaving behind a nanoporous template for the lithography.  At this time, our efforts are focusing on varying the block length and ordering the blocks so we can fully understand the diversity of morphologies which can be taken advantage of.