Rose Guino

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Rose Guino

Rose Guino was born in the Philippines. She obtained her bachelors degree in Chemistry at the University of the Philippines in 1999, where she graduated with honors. Her undergraduate thesis was on the enzymatic synthesis and characterization of isoamyl acetate. Right after graduation, she was hired by the same university as an Instructor I in the Department of Chemistry. She taught General and Organic Chemistry to science and non-science majors at the same University, while taking masters courses in Chemistry.  In 2001, she was admitted by the Department of Chemistry, University of Connecticut to pursue her PhD studies also in Chemistry. Later that year, she joined the research group of Prof. Thomas A. P. Seery, in the Institute of Materials Science, Polymer Program.  As a graduate researcher, she has worked on polymer-inorganic nanocomposite synthesis and characterization, including surface modification via surface-initiated polymerization. She studied the surface morphology, material properties and established structure-property relationship. After receiving her doctoral degree in September 2006, she joined Prof. Craig Hawkers group as a postdoctoral researcher and is currently working on materials for encapsulation of LED devices.


High brightness light emitting diodes (LEDs) offer high energy efficiency thus making them suitable for specialty lighting applications. The following are the operational requirements of a material to be utilized as an encapsulant of LEDs: optical clarity, high temperature resistant, UV resistant, high refractive index and variable mechanical properties (very soft to hard material). Here at UCSB, I am working on the development of such novel encapsulant materials which may have significant impact both in the academic and industrial community.