Neil Treat

Graduate Student
Neil Treat

Neil Treat was born and raised in Hattiesburg, MS.  It was during high school when he became interested in polymers and decided to attend the University of Southern Mississippi where he received his B. S. in Polymer Science and Engineering in 2007.  During his tenure, he worked with Prof. Stephen Boyes and Prof. Charles McCormick for two years respectively.  Under Prof. Boyes, he synthesized novel polyelectrolyte brush systems for use in drug delivery application.  Under Prof. McCormick, he assembled chiral polyelectrolyte multilayer films for enantiomeric separations.  Upon graduating, he moved to Santa Barbara to continue his education under Prof. Craig Hawker in the Materials Deptartment.  After the first year in graduate school, he became intersested in the fabrication of organic solar cells and is now co-advised between Prof. Michael Chabinyc and Prof. Craig Hawker.


Neil is using soft imprint lithography in order to fabricate a range of different organic and organic/inorganic ordered heterojunctions, all aimed at achieving greater efficiency through controlling device architecture.  

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