Nathaniel A. Lynd

Project Scientist
Nathaniel A. Lynd

Nate was born in Kalamazoo, MI. Previous to his life as a polymer chemist, Nate worked as a farmer in rural Michigan growing soybeans and wheat for many years before, and during his undergraduate studies at Michigan State University. As an undergraduate, Nate did research under Gregory L. Baker on renewable-resource derived polymers and graduated with a B.S. in chemistry, and a B.A. in German. He completed his Ph.D. in polymer chemistry at the University of Minnesota under Marc A. Hillmyer. The title of his thesis was The Effects of Polydispersity on Block Copolymer Self-Assembly. Nate began as a postdoctoral scholar in the MRL in late 2007, and is now a staff researcher in the MRL. Nate enjoys spending time with his family and friends, running in his vibram fivefingers, and cooking.



Nate carries out fundamental and applied research in polymer chemistry guided by the principles of simplicity, sustainability, and relevance to key technological challenges for the 21st century in energy, environment, security, and materials for healthcare. Students working with Nate develop new polymeric platforms with the aim to drive technological innovation specifically in energy storage, biomaterials, drug delivery, advanced coatings, and filtration. While synthesis is the primary focus, detailed molecular and morphological characterization by advanced scattering and microscopy techniques are also utilized. Nate leads research efforts in the group that create and utilize new functional and reactive polyether materials and block polymers, such as those containing poly(allyl glycidyl ether)[1] and the more recently developed poly(methylene ethylene oxide).[2] Newer work is built upon a foundation of novel techniques for advanced copolymer structure determination and detailed mechanistic understanding of ring-opening polymerization techniques developed by Nate and coworkers.[3]

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