Kosuke Ono

Post Doc
Kosuke Ono

Kosuke Ono was born in Sendai, Japan where is famous for his favorite food Gyu-tan.  He obtained his bachelor in chemistry from Tohoku Univ. under the direction of Prof. Nagao Kobayashi.  He then moved down to Tokyo and started his doctoral studies in the group of Prof. Makoto Fujita at the Univ. of Tokyo.  In March 2009, He earned Ph.D degree and his thesis was entitled Discrete Stacking of Metal Complexes within Organic-Pillared Coordination Cages.  During the Ph.D course, he won the best poster prize, which Prof. Craig Hawker handed to him as a host in the symposium to celebrate Frasers 65th birthday at Edinburgh in 2007.  After that he also worked at Almaden Research Center, IBM under Dr. Alshakim Nelson in 2008.  Eventually, he joined the Prof. Craig J. Hawker group in June 2009, when he received JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Research Abroad.


Kosuke is working on block copolymer self-assembly and nanolithography based on polymer architecture strategy.