John Cowart

Graduate Student
John Cowart

John graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.A. in Spanish. During his time at UF John worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the lab of Professor John Reynolds, where he studied the synthesis and electrochemical properties of electrochromic conjugated polymers. John also spent several summers as an REU student at Ecole Normale Suprieure in Cachan, France through a collaboration between Professor Reynolds and Professor Pierre Audebert. In Fall 2008 John moved to Santa Barbara to pursue a Ph.D. at UCSB. He is co-advised by Professors Michael Chabinyc and Craig Hawker.


The general focus of Johns work involves the synthesis of organic semiconductors for application in organic electronic devices. Currently, he is investigating synthetic methodologies which promote the self-assembly of novel bulk architectures for active layers that are compatible with the design criteria of solar cells.