Joe Cordaro

Post Doc
Joe Cordaro

Joe came to work at UCSB in August 2006.  Prior to joining the Hawker group, he spent two years at the ETH in Zrich, Switzerland.  While in Switzerland, Joe successfully synthesized and isolated the first metal cyaphide complex, RuH(dppe)2(CP).  He also reported on an unusual electrophilic aromatic cyclization reaction beginning with a phosphaalkyne.   Joe earned his PhD at UC Berkeley working in the group of Robert Bergman.  His research at Berkeley focused primarily on the synthesis and reactivity of iridium organometallic complexes.  His research interests lie at the interface between materials/polymer sciences and main group synthetic chemistry.  Joe was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM.


Working in collaboration with fellow post-docs and graduate students, Joe is synthesizing block copolymers and studying their interactions with metallic nanoparticles.  Efforts to synthesize di- and tri-block copolymers containing a polyethyleneimine fraction are underway.  These new materials, with a coordinating polyimine functionality, have been shown to stabilize gold nanoparticles and rods.