Jimmy Lawrence

Post Doc

Jimmy was born and raised in Indonesia. He attended the Dept. of Chemical Engineering in the Univ. of Tokyo on Monbukagakusho academic scholarship. In Univ. of Tokyo he studied numerical simulations, polymer synthesis and characterization for fuel cell applications, and computational chemistry (B.Sc. & M.Sc.). He then joined Schlumberger Engineering Center (Sagamihara, Japan) to develop highly robust electrochemical and piezoelectric sensors. In 2007 he accepted a Research Scientist position in Schlumberger Research (Cambridge, MA) to develop new chemical sensing methods for high temperature-high pressure applications.


Jimmy began his doctoral work in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst under Prof. Todd Emrick in the fall of 2009. In collaboration with other research groups (Crosby, Hayward and Russell), he developed new strategies to form covalently interconnected nanoparticles, highly conductive cm-scale long gold nanoparticle ribbons, mechanically robust and responsive nanostructures from photocrosslinkable nanoparticles, and highly biocompatible phospholipid polymer covered nanomaterials. Jimmy received his PhD in 2014 and joined Hawker Research Group as a postdoc scientist.