Hunaid Nulwala

Graduate Student
Hunaid Nulwala

I am 30 year old, married and father of two kids. I was born and raised in Pakistan and consider Rochester NY as my second hometown. I enjoy a long walk on the beach and the sea breeze. My wife thinks that I am a nerd. My friends describe me as fun loving, opinionated and hardworking. In the lab, you will find me talking to my molecules. I do sometimes feel that I am the GOD of my molecules and ask them to behave or I will wash them with acetone.


By utilizing Cu(I) catalyzed 'click' chemistry for the synthesis of a new type of monomer family based on triazoles. These vinyl triazole based monomers can be easily polymerized via radical polymerization procedures. Vinyl triazole posses aromatic core, a significant dipole moment, and access to large structural variety which is highly desired in any polymeric system. The most attractive feature of vinyl-triazole based material is the ease of functionalization to control polymeric properties and the ability to copolymerize with traditional monomers such as styrenes and acrylates. These additional features via triazole chemistry may allow us to develop materials which have unique properties and can be adopted in multitude of novel applications including nano-composites, medical and device fabrications.