Elizabeth Amir

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Elizabeth Amir

Lisa was born in Karaganda, Kazakhstan (former part of USSR) in 1977. When Lisa was 6 years old, she started playing table tennis and by the age of 10 she joined the national table tennis team and was one of the most promising talents. Her sport career was interrupted, when at the age of 15 she moved by herself to a KIBBUTZ in the south of Israel. Lisa did her undergraduate studies in the Tel-Aviv University. Later she did her PhD with Prof. S. Rozen in the school of chemistry at Tel Aviv University. Lisa received her PhD degree with distinction and her thesis title was “Unusual Oxygen Transfer Reactions Using HOF•CH3CN Complex Derived From Elemental Fluorine”. Lisa joined the Hawker group in June 2008.


Lisa works on the synthesis of oligo and polythiophenes containing S,S-dioxides and their applications as n-type active layers in electronic devices based on organic materials.