Eileen Seo

Post Doc

Eileen received her B.S. degree in Chemical Biology from University of California, Berkeley in 2012. At Berkeley, she worked with Professor Jamie Cate where she studied synthetic biology strategy to sustain a sugar consuming yeast in different environmental conditions (e.g., acetic acid concentration). Then, she went to Northwestern University to work under Professor Chad Mirkin’s guidance and obtained her Ph.D. degree in Chemistry. Specifically, her Ph.D. work seeks to enhance the understanding of DNA-driven nanoparticle assembly and introduce kinetic routes to control mesoscale crystal habit and size for the first time (Thesis Title: Single Crystal Engineering with DNA). During her Ph.D., Eileen has been recognized with several fellowships including CBES and CCTSM Fellowships. Over the course of her undergraduate and graduate career, she has worked at the interface of chemistry, materials science, nanoscience and technology, and energy sciences. Eileen joined Professor Craig Hawker group in May 2018 as a postdoctoral fellow.


Eileen is currently working towards developing synthetic strategies for the translation of bio-inspired concepts such as catechol binding and coacervate formation to synthetic systems.