David Meis

Visiting Student

David grew up in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and began his chemistry studies at the University of Hamburg in 2009. After conducting the bachelor thesis about the synthesis and characterization of NiPt-nanoparticles at the research group of Prof. Horst Weller, he obtained his Bachelor of Science in 2012. He continued with his master of science studies in the same year at the University of Hamburg. During his studies he visited the polymer and materials science research group of Prof. Patric Jannasch at the University of Lund, Sweden in 2013. There he focused on the synthesis of anion conducting multiblock poly(arylene ether sulfone)s for fuel cell applications. In 2015, David graduated from Hamburg University with a master’s degree in chemistry after conducting his master’s thesis, studying the effect of modification and crosslinking of low molecular weight polybutadiene membranes with regard to its gas separation performance, under the supervision of Prof. Gerrit Luinstra.


David is currently undertaking a PhD at the Institute of Polymer Research at the Helmholtz-Research Center in Geesthacht, where he is developing and investigating novel thermal rearrangement polymers for natural gas separation. David is visiting the Hawker group for the design and development of new microporous polymer systems generated by external stimuli for gas separation and fuel cell applications.   

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