Damien Montarnal

Post Doc
Damien Montarnal

Damien was born in Lyon, France. He graduated in 2007 from ESPCI engineering school in Paris. He then entered the M. Sc. polymer materials program at University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC, Paris) and joined the Soft Matter and Chemistry laboratory (MMC) at ESPCI to work on stimuli responsive bio-mimetic polymers under the supervision of Ilias Iliopoulos. He stayed in the same laboratory and began his PhD work under the supervision of Ludwik Leibler and Francois Tournilhac on supramolecular self-healing polymers. In 2011, he defended his thesis entitled " Use of reversible covalent and non-covalent bonds in new recyclable and reprocessable polymer materials".


Damien joined the Hawker group in May 2011 and is now working on block copolymers for thin-film lithography. He is also co-advised by Profs. Glenn Fredrickson and Ed Kramer.

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