Burcin Gacal

Post Doc


Burcin was born in Istanbul, Turkey. She obtained her M.Sc and Ph.D. degree in PolymerScience and Technology Programme of Istanbul Technical University (ITU), under thesupervision of Prof. Dr. Yusuf Yagci. Meanwhile, she has been working as a research andteaching asistant for eight years in Chemistry Department of ITU. Her research topics are mainly; synthesis and modification of polymers via "Click Chemistry",photoinitiating systems with improved properties, reactive precursors for obtaining inorganic-organic conducting composites, benzoxazine based monomers in order to synthesize thermosetsand their incorporation in maleimide-styrene perfectly alternating copolymers. She was awarded the postdoctoral research scholarship of "The Scientific and TechnologicalResearch Council of Turkey" (TUBITAK) in 2011 to work as a postdoctoral fellow in the groupof Prof. Dr. Ed Kramer. She has started her research in Kramer group since October 2012. She isalso co-advised by Prof. Dr. Craig Hawker.



Her current main research interest is preparation and testing of “ambiguous surfaces” chemicallypatterned at various length scales with different moieties whose chemical structure will beselected to hinder settlement and improve fouling release.

Curriculum Vitae: