Ashley Piekarski

Graduate Student
Ashley Piekarski

Ashley was born in Waco, Texas on August 9, 1984.  Dance is one of her passions which she has been doing since she was three and still continues doing on the side. She attended Trinity University where she received her BS in chemistry with a minor in mathematics. She began her graduate studies in 2006 and plans to purse her PhD with a focus in materials chemistry. Ashley has been actively involved in outreach to her community since the beginning of her undergraduate career. She enjoys introducing science to young students who are not exposed to chemistry early on in school.  She plans to continue outreach during her graduate career doing demonstrations for students all over the Santa Barbara community.


Ashley began her research career at Trinity University the summer between her junior and senior year in high school and has continued to do research every summer since.  She first began her research learning synthetic organic chemistry to further understand the theory of antiaromaticity.  She received an REU fellowship to do research at Northern Kentucky University where she synthesized a suite of 14-annulene compounds to further understand their properties and potential use as possible candidates for molecular wires. Finally, she did an honor’s thesis studying aromatic and antiaromatic dianions in the NMR to further characterize antiaromatic systems.  She is currently working for Craig Hawker making nanoparticles for use as drug delivery systems in the body.