Anzar Khan

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Anzar Khan

Anzar Khan was born in India. He obtained his bachelors degree from G.S College where he studied Chemistry as his major subject. At graduation, he stood first among twelve hundred students by scoring highest points among all disciplines. Whereupon he moved to Poona College of Arts and Sciences and obtained his masters degree in organic chemistry and had the privilege to be the Student Representative. He carried out his masters research project at National Chemical Lab (NCL) on the synthesis of meso-substituted porphyrins and metalloporphyrins. After finishing his masters studies he worked on solid state polymerization of polycarbonates with Dr. C. Ramesh at NCL. Later that year, Anzar joined research group of Prof. Stefan Hecht ( at Free University Berlin (Germany) and finally received the doctoral degree in November 2005. His Ph. D dissertation was awarded summa cum laude. During his stay in Germany he spend one year at Max-Planck Institute for Kohlenforschung at Muelheim an der Ruhr and was also invited to BASFs summer workshop. In January 2006, he moved to UCSB and presently working on various research projects including; novel materials for three dimensional data storage, two-photon holography using quantum dots, fabrication of nanosized architectures of defined length and tunable functionalities by block copolymer self-assembly under the supervision of Prof. Craig J. Hawker and Prof. Galen D. Stucky. 


Development of novel high density data storage materials (Volume Holography)

Conventional data storage devices rely on storing information bit by bit on the surface of the recording medium. This two-dimensional storage method, however, is rapidly reaching its fundamental physical limits. A promising alternative approach is holographic data storage, in which information is stored throughout the volume of the storage medium. Here at UCSB, I am working on development of such novel holographic data storage materials which may have significant scientific and Industrial impact.