Amos Ophir

Visiting Professor

Amos Ophir is a Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering at the 'Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Arts (in Israel). He is using also as the managing director and the head of 'Israel Polymer Research Center' (IPRC) located in the Technion City (Haifa) and in Shenkar Institute (Tel Aviv). Prof. Ophir received degrees in Chemical Engineering from The Technion Institute, Haifa – Israel (B.Sc, 1987) and in Polymer Science & Technology from Loughborogh University of the UK (M.Sc, 1993 and Ph.D., 1996), and he made a post-doctoral term in the Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) between the years 1996-1997.  

The current main research topics of his group, are: Flexible and transparent organic photovoltaic; Micro encapsulation of natural bio-adhesion moieties for use in bio-medical surgery; Hybrids of polymer-blend/nano-carbon-particles for high capacity fuel cells; Micro and nano encapsulation of fertilizers for slow release systems; Nano-hybrid polymer composites for thermal stabilization and controlled diffusivity and release of natural active ingredients; Functional polyolefin flexible films of high energy-density capability for energy storage; Nano-confined layered films of non-pigment physical coloring (photonic crystals from multiplication co-extrusion).

During the summer term 2015 he is a short term visiting Professor at the Craig group.


Hybrid responsive polymer systems